We’ve Been Busy

cropped-cropped-cropped-fma_md.png2014 has been a busy year for Financial Education Associates!

We have accomplished:

• Implementing an online version of the Homebuying 101 giving Massachusetts home buyers an alternative to the in-person homebuyer class.

• Holding workshops that personalize the homebuyer process. These workshops allow participants to record their own financial experience to better prepare for homeownership. The new workshops are, “Structuring Your Finances for Homeownership”, “Using the Internet For Your Home Search”, “Creating Your Paper File For Homeownership”, “What is Your Perfect Mortgage Product?” and “Budgeting For Homeownership: Before and After”.

• Holding workshops that help with credit repair. “Credit Boot Camp” and “Your Strategic Money Management Plan is designed to help participants become more confident in managing person finances.

• Transitioning Homebuying 101 registration to the Financial Education Associates website. The new process is designed to allow more potential homebuyers to take the Homebuyer 101 class when they need it.

• Partnering with a new site for the HomeSafe Class. This year we have added Harbor One U in Mansfield as a site for the HomeSafe class for homeowners. The site has be a great addition to the Plymouth, New Bedford and Fall River locations, giving homeowners more options when selecting our one-day, HomeSafe classes.

• Keeping up with all our contracts, collaborations, and certifications. It seems as everything expired at the same time but everything was also renewed. We look forward to our continued work with Boston Home Center, Massachusetts Housing Partnership, Midas Collaborative and MassSaves Coalition.

If your are looking for a class to receive your homebuyer education certificate, educate yourself on homeownership topics or work on your personal finances, we will be happy to see you in one of or workshops in 2015. For more information about scheduled classes, please check out our calendar.

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