How Are Those Resolutions Going?

Coin JarAs I sit home through yet another Boston snow day, I have time to think about my resolution of taking better care of my finances. My first act was to take my pile of gift cards and figure out how much was available to spend. I found $82.00 in partially used cards, some with balances large enough to actually purchase things I needed.

Next, I went after the change jar. I usually roll my coins and take the rolls to the bank but I didn’t have enough rolls to roll some coins and other rolls were not filled. I gave up and went online to find other options to cash in on my coin stash. I found out that the coin counting machine at the supermarket will count it for a 10% fee if I want cash but will give me 100% of the value if I choose an e-gift card for one of the retailers or restaurants on their list. I went for the e-gift card from an online retailer that I frequent.

Finally, I decided to go for Reverse 52-Week Money Challenge. I must admit that I am better at saving a consistent amount by automating it and forgetting it but this moves the process to a mindful activity. There are other strategies such as save $26 a week or start with $I and increase savings by $1 week. I am still deciding what to do with the savings at the end of the year. In the running is adding it to my retirement account or saving it in a certificate of deposit.

How are you doing with your financial resolution? I hope whatever your goal, you will be inspired to pick it up and work on it. You still have time.

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