Financial Education Associates is a provider of home ownership and personal finance classes and seminars. It is a member of the CHAPA Massachusetts Homeownership Collaborative, a certifying agency of homeownership education in Massachusetts.

To help Massachusetts home buyers prepare for the responsibilities of homeownership, we offer Homesafethe Road Home Online Homebuyer classes, and access to classes through The Boston Home Center.

We provide client specific curriculum to fit our clients audiences. We have worked with low and moderate-income individuals for goal related savings programs to prepare for homeownership, starting a business, retirement, and post secondary education.


HomeSafe is a program designed to provide information for homeowners. In the HomeSafe class you will learn

  • How to how to address maintenance and repair issues in your home
  • How to prepare for updating your home
  • How to keep your home safe from fire and theft
  • How to maintain your finances as a homeowner
  • How to make sure you and your home are adequately covered by insurance
  • How to address landlord issues
  • How to be and effective condominium owner.

This one-day Saturday class has the following benefits

  • Discounts on homeowner insurance premiums*
  • Fulfills Post Purchase education requirement
  • Gives you a forum to share experiences with other new homeowners.
  • Membership discount on Angie’s List (
  • Free membership to Mass Energy Consumer’s Alliance (
  • Course materials are included in the price.

This program is supported by Massachusetts Housing Partnership and in partnership with Fall River Affordable Housing Corp, City of New Bedford Office of Housing and Community Development, and Plymouth Redevelopment Authority. Participants receive a certificate as evidence of program completion.

*Insurance carriers participating in the discount program are Arbella Mutual Insurance Company, Commerce Insurance Company, Hanover Insurance Company, Harleysville Worcester Insurance Company,Holyoke Mutual Insurance Company, Liberty Mutual, Metropolitan P &C, Norfolk & Dedham, Premier Insurance (Travelers), and Quincy Mutual Fire Insurance Co.

The Road Home

The Road Home is an online first time homebuyer program accepted throughout Massachusetts for first time homebuyer education. The certificate earned upon successful completion of the online program and individual counseling session can be used to satisfy the education requirements for Masshousing mortgages, One Mortgage, affordable homeownership lotteries, downpayment/closing cost assistance, and bank first time homebuyer products.

The steps to completing the program are:

1.Register for the program and pay the $100 class fee. You receive access to the program on your confirmation ticket.

2.Complete the online class, completing the chapter quizzes and final assessment. Print the final assessment for the counselor’s signature.

3.Make a counseling appointment by emailing or calling (888) 839-0963

4.Meet with a counselor and receive your signed certificate to distribute to the appropriate organizations.

Our counseling sessions are held online using Go To Meeting online meeting software. You can access your session by computer, smartphone or tablet. Click here to register for The Road Home.

City of Boston Classes

Financial Education Associates provides classes for Boston homebuyers through the Boston Home Center, City of Boston Department of Neighborhood Development. If you are interested in attending Homebuying 101, click here to register. To register for  any of the FREE seminars  you must pre-register at

The offerings are as follows:

Homebuying 101: How to Purchase a Home in Boston is a free 8-hour class (two-four hour sessions or four 2-hour sessions) that educates participants on the home purchase process in Boston. Information includes special programs for financial assistance in buying and repairing a home, specialty mortgage products, the process in getting a mortgage, finding a home, and determining if the home is right is for you. We also discuss the purchase process and sustainable homeownership issues. Upon successful completion of the class, participants receive a certificate required for first time homebuyer products in Massachusetts.

Homebuyer 104: How to Purchase Foreclosed Property, a free 2 hour seminar, helps you understand the process of purchasing short sales, auctions, and bank owned property.

Homebuyer 105: Structuring Your Finances for Homeownership, a free 2-hour seminar, helps you to prepare for applying for a mortgage and financial assistance for your home.

Homebuyer 106: Using the Internet for Your Home Search, a free 2-hour seminar, provides you with valuable information to find a home and research other topics related to buying a home.

Homebuyer 107: Boot Camp Track 1, three free 2-hour workshops to help you prepare your finances for homeownership and provides you with information to find a home and research topics related to your home purchase. This class is for graduates of Homebuying 101 who are determined to purchase a home within a year.

Homebuyer 108: Boot Camp Track 2, three free 2-hour workshops delivered monthly to help you prepare your finances for homeownership and provides you with information to find a home and research topics related to your home purchase. This class is for graduates of Homebuying 101 who are determined to purchase a home within 2 years.

Credit Boot Camp: Three free 2-hour sessions that help you understand your credit. In this class you will set goals, create a budget, review your credit report, learn how to get your report corrected, and more information that will make you more aware of how you spend your money.

Webinar Series

The Structure Your Finances For Success is a series of webinars designed to help you realize your dreams. Contact FEA about registering for the class of your choice.

  • “Goal Setting” will help you to clearly define your big goals and give you direction and strategies on how to achieve them.
  • “Managing Your Cash” will help you understand how you spend your money and, in light of your goals, how you can make changes.
  • “Managing Your Credit” will help you to review how you manage your credit and help you make changes for a better credit report.
  • “Debt Elimination” will help you decide on the best strategy for you to eliminate debt.