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Financial Education Associates - HomebuyingFinancial Education Associates was founded by Jacqueline Cooper in November 2001 to present unbiased information to people seeking to get their finances in order to achieve home ownership and other financial goals.
We are proud to offer independent and unbiased information in our seminars.

The organization’s mission is to provide high quality financial education seminars, homebuying courses and related consulting services to our clients and their constituents. Our clients are government and not for profit organizations who provide homeownership (pre- and post-purchase) education, financial education programming, and homebuyer counseling. FEA provides services to individuals by providing certified online homebuyer education, financial education, and related counseling services. Staff skills include instructional services, curriculum development, program development and program administration. FEA employs a full time Project Manager, 5 part time instructors, and a part-time administrative assistant to fulfill the mission.

Recent clients include the Boston Home Center (City of Boston, Department of Neighborhood Development), Massachusetts Housing Partnership, Boston University Humphrey Fellows Program, and Massachusetts Office of the State Treasurer and Receiver General (Financial Literacy Trust Fund). Through these contracts, we have served over 2,000 Massachusetts residents.

Financial Education Associates is registered in the U.S. federal government System for Award Management (Cage: 6BM03) as a small, women/minority owned business. Financial Education Associates is certified through the Massachusetts Supplier Diversity Office (fka SOWMBA) W/MBE and holds a Seal of Approval from the Massachusetts Homeownership Collaborative (CHAPA).

FEA is a member of the MIDAS Collaborative (www.massassets.org)Massachusetts Financial Education Collaborative (www.masssaves.org) and CHAPA (www.chapa.org)

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You can contact us at 888-839-0963 or info@money-classes.com

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